What We Do

ASHA has been working in order to address the issue of child protection and domestic violence, which are quite prevalent in our operational areas. Some of the key components of our activities are:


  • Empowering adolescent children on the issue of child protection


They are imparted with training on various topics like, Confidence Building, threats & vulnerabilities, personal safety, planning, Community mapping in point of safety and other measures,  Life Skill Education, Developing  own negotiation skill at home.


  • Empowering families on rights & entitlements


Child protection is not an isolated issue and families need to be strengthened in point of ensuring safety and protection to their children. They are linked to the various schemes launched by the government and also encouraged to attend our workshops on Child marriage, Child labour, Domestic violence,  Trafficking, Sexual Abuse, Financial literacy & budgeting, Right to Education Act, Unsafe migration, Unsafe surroundings  for children, How to identify child harm cases etc.


  • Family counseling to the victims of domestic violence


ASHA being a Service Provider under the Protection of Women from Domestic Violence Act appointed by the department of Women and Child Development & Social Welfare, Govt. of West Bengal counsels the victims of domestic violence in liaison with the Legal Service Authority.


  • Imparting Vocational Training to the Rural Women


Women in the rural areas are imparted with the vocational training on various trades, like wallet making, kantha stitch and others which help them procure their earning and reduce domestic violence cases to some extent. They remain positively engaged, economically contributory and become role models for their children.


  • Sensitizing the communities on Trafficking issue


Students as well as the common villagers involving the local Gram Panchayats and other stakeholders get sensitized through the Awareness Camps organized in High Schools as well as in the villages. With the help of audio – visual media they are made aware how they , especially the adolescent girls can understand the various tricks applied by the traffickers as well as keep themselves safe.